Sustainable agriculture that puts people and land at the centre of its development


This farm uses neither chemical fertilizers nor herbicides. The only products used are biodynamic preparations: cow horn manure (500), horn silica (501), green manure and compost, which is made from manure produced on the farm. Together, these preparations are used to fertilize the land.

Biodynamic agriculture creates a harmonious balance between nature, land and us human beings.

The fertilization, cultivation of plants and raising of livestock are carried out in a way that respects and promotes the fertility and the vitality of the land as well as the prosperity of plant and animal species.

In biodynamic viniculture, the moon plays an important role in the cultivation and care of the vineyards. From the planting of seeds in the fields to adding the finishing touches in the wine cellars, all phases of production follow the lunar cycle.

Our Biodynamics

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Via piana, 32
03030 Pescosolido (FR)
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